10 benefits of Aikido practice

Aikido (The Way of Peace) is a non-violent Japanese martial art. Yes, that sounds like a paradox but… if you are being punched or kicked, punching and kicking back are not the only options with which to neutralise that aggression… The practice leads to many physical and mental benefits including overall better equilibrium, flexibility, better […]

Beginners classes

Aikido is a gentle Japanese martial art based on understanding. It is an ideal practice for those seeking a holistic art focusing on the intelligent resolution of conflict. Aikido does not require the development of one particular muscle group. It promotes overall physical conditioning, flexibility and stamina together with relaxation and equanimity. We hold various […]

Kobayashi sensei

A rewarding day.

This is a diary note, a reflection, written by Mandy Calleja after her experience of the ‘introductory seminar’ hosted by the Gozo Dojo of our Federation. The seminar was a one-day experience which focused on basic steps and basic waza. — The seminar met my expectations and more. Being a university student attending a seminar generally […]

Practice schedule

  We are holding lessons and practice sessions on a regular basis at the Naxxar local council building. Sessions are typically open to all levels of practitioners. If you wish to join us on the mats it is adviseable that you drop us a line before turning up on It is recommended that loose […]